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Duvet for bed "Teddy Bear" 100 x 135 cm + Pillow "Teddy Bear" 40 x 60 cm

Quilt dimensions: 100 x 135 cm ± 5 cm

Pillow dimensions: 40 x 60 cm

Cover material: 100% microfiber

Pillow filling: 100% Hollow silicone polyester.

Quilt filling: 100% Hollow silicone polyester.

White in color

Quilting pattern: BEAR

Seasonality: All year round




It does not require ironing


Neatly sewn

Perfect for a crib

Properties of the quilt and pillow filling: Thermally twisted, hollow-type polyester silicone fibers are very light and give the quilt a lot of fluffiness. They provide excellent heat retention, evenly over its entire surface. The duvet retains its shape for a long time, because the Hollow fibers are crease-resistant and extremely durable. They can be machine washed and machine dried. They are antiallergic.

Cot bed duvet and pillow "Teddy Bear "

25,00 €Preço
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